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UPDATED 4th June 2020

​​​​​​​Covid 19    Delivery is back to normal

Delivery is within 13 working days (maximum) but is usually a lot quicker and can be as fast as next day if I have a delivery planed in your area.

Delivery information.

Please note I cannot usually deliver to Cornwall, Devon, North of Leeds or the Western half of Wales, unless it is an order that makes it viable, if in doubt please give me a call.

I deliver your doors on my own van to ensure they get to you in perfect condition (from start to finish only my hands touch your doors) I don't use couriers as mirror doors and couriers just don't go well together

You can choose to pick up you doors (Delivery charge deducted) but to do this you really need a van that can carry the doors on their edge, transporting the doors laid flat is not a good idea.

Please advise me if you have any perceived problems for a delivery.

If ordering online you will find a "Do you have any comments about your order" page, please insert any information that you think is relevant, and click the "Add to order" button this will help both of us

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