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Sliding Wardrobe Doors and Sliding Mirror Doors

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Oriental Sliding Wardrobe Doors Sliding Wardrobe Doors

More Choice, Faster Delivery, Quality DIY Sliding Wardrobe Doors Made To Measure....Delivered To Your Bedroom.

Sliding Wardrobe Doors direct from the manufacturer great prices and value for money, without cutting corners on quality and service, for any help, prices or advise please don't hesitate to call me, Neil on 07724 668802 or get an online quote by clicking the red box above.

I make all the sliding wardrobe doors and deliver them myself so that you get them fast and in perfect condition with a friendly and helpfull service and none of the usual problems and nonsense you get from larger companies. Buy from a craftsman not a website designer (did you know that the majority sliding door sites don't make anything....they buy them in mark them up and sell them on)

I don't ask you to pay upfront, just £100 deposit with your order and the balance on delivery, I think this is a fairer way to do business and I hope it shows how confident I am with my sliding wardrobe doors.

Wide Line split panel sliding doors Thirds split panel sliding doors Medium Line split panel sliding doors Fine Line split panel sliding doors

Design Your Own Doors

(You choose the frame colour and top, bottom and middle panel colour)

...........the doors were delivered promptly in less than a week. They are an excellent product, my builders who installed them said that in all their time they had never seen such solid quality before. Needless to say I will recommend them to anyone. I had previously had installed smaller doors in an other bedroom, these were double the price and not a patch on these. A quality product, and a quality service.

Stuart, Fulham


Manufacturing Sliding Wardrobe Doors Since 1987


Sliding Wardrobe Door Frames 

Colours and Door Designs

​​​​​​​Sliding Door Prices


Sliding Wardrobe Door Designs

Traditional Full Panel Doors can be Mirrored, Wood Panel, or coloured glass. I can also make Split Panel Sliding Doors like the ones below to give the appearance of Japanese Sliding  Doors, Oriental Sliding  Doors or Contemporary or Modern Sliding Doors or you can even Design your own, just email me your design.


Sliding Door Prices  ​​​​​​​

   The Panel Choices

   (I can do many more Painted Glass Colours, just give me a call)


    The Wood effect panels




  The Painted Glass Panels




  Mirrored Wardrobe Door Pictures

   Here are just a few pictures to give you some ideas, but remember because I make the doors myself, you can have just about any combinations you like.

 Oriental or Split panel Sliding Wardrobe Doors    Contemporary Sliding Wardrobe Doors (White Glass)

Oriental Sliding Wardrobe Doors                      Contemporary Sliding Doors      

  Coloured Glass Sliding Wardrobe Doors (Matt Silver and Red Glass)    Sliding Wardrobe Doors (limed Oak)   

Painted Glass Sliding Doors                                        Limed Oak Sliding Doors

  Brass Framed Sliding Mirror Door     Sliding Mirror Wardrobes (Brass Frame Bronze Mirror)

Traditional Mirror Wardrobe Doors with Brass Frame

  Pine Sliding Wardrobe Doors     Sliding Panel Wardrobe Doors

     Pine Wardrobe Sliding Doors                          Black Framed Sliding Door Wardrobes

  Modern Sliding Bedroom Doors (Oak and White)  Oriental Sliding Glass Doors  Wenge Sliding Wardrobe Doors   Oak Sliding Wardrobe Doors  Black Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Sliding Wardrobe Door Images

The Interior fittings


All my interiors are 3/4" (18mm) high quality Beech or White MFC

Interior shelf unit kit (£89 + VAT) comprises of a shelving tower unit with 6 shelves, it's really easy to put together. It measures 82 3/4"h x 13 1/4"w x 18"d (2100mm h x 345mm w x 457mm d) You will find that this is just the correct width to take folded up clothes keeping them neat and tidy without wasting any space and just as important (like what is usually available) I don't skimp on the number of shelves I put in them. They also come with 2 Heavy duty chrome oval hanging rails at 98" (2500mm) with enough chrome end fixings (8) to support 4 cut lengths of rail.

Making shelf units the width that I do, makes much better use of space, the only drawback is that they are a little narrow for drawers. If you find drawers really are necessary I always recommend purchasing a small drawer unit off the shelf and placing this inside the wardrobe.

Interior shelving boards (£18+VAT each) in White and Beech 103" x 18"x 3/4" (2600mm x 457mm x 18mm) use these for top shelves divisions etc you can use them to create your own bespoke interior or use them for top shelves above the shelf unit. It is from these boards that I make the Interior shelf unit kits.

Oval chrome heavy duty Hanging rails (£9+VAT each) are 98" (2500mm) long. I would srongly recommend these, as round hanging rails you buy from DIY stores are not fit for the purpose. These rails can be cut at 48" (1220mm) without fear of saging

Chrome end cups (£1.50+VAT per pair) for hanging rail, I sell these in pairs.

Please note that you can only order interiors with door sets,

Interior Layout ideas

Here are a few ideas for sliding mirror wardrobe interiors, the best interior layout (in my opinion) for a 2 door sliding wardrobe is A and B and for a 3 Door sliding wardrobe E and F.

The tip is to keep it simple and where possible use the shelf units as divisions to support the top shelf and to split the hanging rails into acceptable lengths. Where the picture shows long hanging consider putting another shelf above. Please note my shelf units don't have drawers

Get Sliding Wardrobe Door Prices Online​​​​​​​

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