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Frequently asked questions.

Q. Do the doors come with the top and bottom track?

A. Yes my door prices include top and bottom tracks.

Q. I cannot find the style of door that I want on your site, can you still help?

A. If you have a design or you have seen what you like somewhere else on the Internet, send me a link or a picture, if I can make it I can give you a quote.

Q. How high and what is the biggest width I can cover?

A.  All my doors are made to measure to fit your room height and width, for full panel mirror doors the largest opening height without infill above is 97 3/4 " (2485mm). I can sometimes make doors to fit an opening up to107 3/4" (2737mm) depending on panel and frame colours. Please call to check

Q. How thick is the mirror you use and are they safe?

A. I only use 4mm mirror that is safety backed to British Standards and I only use top quality Pilkington or Glaverbel (from Belgium) glass.

Q. How deep should I make the wardrobe and what is an end panel?

A.  The overall depth should be a minimum of 610mm If you should need to buy an end panel for a side to your wardrobe this will dictate your wardrobe depth, my end panels are a minimum of 24" (610mm)  and up to 25"  (635mm) depending on colour

Q. Are they easy to fit?

A. As long as you are a reasonable DIYer with a basic set of tools you shouldn't have a problem you can always give me a call if you need any advice. The doors come with fitting instructions. If your planning to get someone else to fit them for you then try and go by recommendations.

Q. Do you sell interior kits where everything is cut to length?

A. No, it sounds a good idea on paper and you might think it would save you a lot of time but in reality it makes the job much more difficult, as it forces you to work backwards in other words,  not only do you have to fit the wardrobes to imperfect walls, floors and ceilings, at the same time you have to work to predefined lengths of track, shelves etc......a good brain testing exercise none the less! I sell interior boards, tracking etc for you to trim to length, this is the easiest and safest way to do it.

Q. What is a Wall liner?

A. Instead of your doors closing onto a wall, it is best to screw a board that is fitted floor to ceiling onto the wall  for the doors to close onto, this makes a much neater job and also solves the problem of the skirting board.

B.  I have coving what should I do?

A. This isn't a problem; you can just remove a section of the coving that is the same width as the wall liner. You can also return the coving above the tracking but this is a lot more effort and requires more skill.

Q. I have carpet what should I do?

A. Where you can, it is best to fix the bottom track onto a packer 3/4"" (18mm) thick (cut the same width as the track) and carpet either side of it. If you already have carpet down and you really don't want to start cutting it out with a Stanley knife, you can put the track on a thin 8mm MDF packer ( if you do this it is important to put the screws closer together otherwise you will get a roller coaster effect with the track, I get my bottom track without holes so that you can do this,  pre drilled tracks that most other companies supply are always drilled with the holes to far apart.  Very important: what you don't want to do is fix a thick 18mm liner on top of the carpet as this is dangerous, should you have an accident and bang the door off the track (this would take a bit of doing mind) the door can drop and this could be enough for it to fall below the top track and it could fall on top of you. I would also not recommend fixing the bottom track directly on top of the carpet as it could distort. To recap..... on top of carpet use an 8mm packer, on floor boards use a 18mm packer...Phew! I will always talk to you before I make your doors, if we find you need a packer I will cut it for you free of charge. 

Q. How long does delivery take?

A. Check the "wardrobe delivery info" on the link on the left for the latest delivery times

Q. What happens when I place an order?

A. Once you have placed an order, I will check over it and make sure that your on the right track (sorry no pun intended) and I'll call you before I make the doors to reassure both of us that you have measured correctly. I will try and fit in with you the best I can for a delivery time.

Q. What about payment?

A. I only ask for £100 deposit and the balance is by debit card on delivery. For the deposit I call you for your card details and enter the details straight into a credit card terminal, the details are never written down or stored, for your safety and mine. You can also choose to post a cheque if you wish. For local deliveries I am usually happy to take payment on delivery.

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