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  Mirrored Wardrobe Door Pictures

   Here are just a few pictures to give you some ideas, but remember because I make the doors myself, you can have just about any combinations you like.

 Oriental or Split panel Sliding Wardrobe Doors    Contemporary Sliding Wardrobe Doors (White Glass)

Oriental Sliding Wardrobe Doors                      Contemporary Sliding Doors     

    Coloured Glass Sliding Wardrobe Doors (Matt Silver and Red Glass)     Sliding Wardrobe Doors (limed Oak)   

Painted Glass Sliding Doors                                        Limed Oak Sliding Doors

  Brass Framed Sliding Mirror Door     Sliding Mirror Wardrobes (Brass Frame Bronze Mirror)

Taditional Mirror Wardrobe Doors with Brass Frame

  Pine Sliding Wardrobe Doors     Sliding Panel Wardrobe Doors

     Pine Wardrobe Sliding Doors                          Black Framed Sliding Door Wardrobes

  Modern Sliding Bedroom Doors (Oak and White)  Oriental Sliding Glass Doors  Wenge Sliding Wardrobe Doors   Oak Sliding Wardrobe Doors  Black Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Sliding Wardrobe Door Images

Door Designs

      Fine Line split panel sliding doors Fine line        Medium Line split panel sliding doors Medium      Thirds split panel sliding doors Thirds       Wide Line split panel sliding doorsWide       

  Lower Fine Line         Lower Medium Line      Full Panel

You Choose The Frame Colour And The Top, Bottom And Middle Panel Colours

 Remember these are just a few ideas you can design your own Sliding Wardrobe Doors 

   Made To Measure Sliding  Doors


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